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    Christian dating advice attraction

    Whether it sounds like new-age-hippy-speak or old wives tales there are some universal truths in the world that maybe we should all be aware of if we want to change our fortunes and attract more love and abundance into our lives.

    Like attracts like This is seen right throughout the animal kingdom and although human beings sometimes reverse the trend – opposites attract – there is still a lot of truth in it.

    I've been dating a guy for awhile now that I am not physically attracted to, but I did feel like God was leading us to be in a relationship.

    Were any of you not attracted to your husband at first? Does that just come when you're blinded by unconditional love (lol)? :)I wasn't attracted to him at first, but he kind of grew on me as we became friends. We still fancy each other 10 years in, but if I'd never been physically attracted to him I'd never have dated him - we would've remained just friends.

    One of the problems of rescuing animals, they mess everything up! But there was that spark there simply because he was a lovely man, and I think God made us for each other.

    I think physical attraction helps initially, although once you get to know someone you can find so many other things about them attractive.

    You are what you think – not what you think you are There are many very attractive people who convince themselves that they are fat, ugly, unattractive or otherwise unlovable.

    The truth is that thinking this way often makes them act and behave as though they were these things and then their experience (maybe a string of broken relationships or lost jobs) begins to support their view of themselves – it’s a self-fulfilling prophesy.

    Of course, our culture completely overestimates the significance of sexual attraction. Whilst sexual attraction is not the only or the most important factor in deciding whether to marry someone, it should certainly be one of the factors.

    "Single Christian male (SCM) seeks single Christian female (SCF) to love as Christ loved the church, to give himself up for her to make her holy, to love as he loves himself (Eph. SCF must be absolute physical knockout (no one scoring below 9.0, please), must love to talk politics and sports, and must possess a laundry list of pre-decided personal characteristics so completely that SCM is convinced no better option could possibly be available within the next decade." "SCF seeks SCM to submit to in everything as to the Lord, to respect, to serve, to follow and to be led by in discipleship and ministry, to trust as spiritual leader of the home, and to serve Christ with for the next several decades or until Jesus comes back.

    SCM must possess total confidence (but can't be cocky and must trust SCF's opinion in all things); must be devastatingly handsome but have no idea that he is; must be exquisite interpersonal communicator who enjoys nothing more than long, conversations about the relationship; must understand SCF completely; and must otherwise fit description of how SCF thought 'The One' would be since SCF started thinking about it at age 11." Too harsh? Surveys inquiring about what singles — even professing Christian singles — look for in someone to date or marry, often receive "physically attractive," "sense of humor," "fun-loving personality," even "wealth" as the top answers.

    There has to be a spark for me, even though that spark does soften and change over the years.

    It's difficult to say this without seeming that I'm encouraging sin (which I'm definitely not - I'm not saying fantasise), but objectively speaking, does the hypothetical idea of being intimate with him make you want to run a mile? Here's what my husband looked like, if you're interested. albumid=313&pictureid=2313 His walking stick had been rather badly chewed by Berty. Neil was half a foot shorter than me, as well as blondish, blue eyed and gentle looking.

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